Neon Blue Tourmaline, Opal, and Ceylon Sapphire

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Black Opal - Australia
Black Opal – Australia

 The allure of blue stones is thousands of years old.  People have favorite colors for clothing, their décor, foods, automobiles, etc.  But blue stones probably remind us of sunny days with blue skies; a trip to the bearch or a lake with blue water; a river; a stream; something relaxing and serene.   Certain blue stones of high quality can command very high prices.  If they are set into jewelry they should be worn only on special occasions.  As I explained previously, daily wear will abrade the stone to a point where it needs to be recut.  When it is recut you naturally loose a small amount of weight.  That loss lowers the value.  If you are fortunate to own such a rarity, please preserve it.  Understand that it is not easily replaced.  Earrings and necklaces are very good because they do not get the wear and tear of bracelets and rings.

Opals and tourmalines are soft compared to sapphire and diamond.  Fabulous colors and beauty, but they can’t withstand daily wear in rings or bracelets that get banged around.  Collect and preserve for future generations.  Just like we are trying to do with ebony and other scarce wood.  Ivory, abalone, and pearls are getting harder and harder to obtain.  The earth is running out of certain natural resources and the rarity of gemstones will only increase.  Yes; there are tons of low quality stones that are great for every day wear.  Please adorn yourself and enjoy it.  After all, that’s how we make a living!


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