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Online engagement rings!  Silver gemstone jewelry!  Custom made jewelry!  It is so easy and wonderful today because of technological   advances.  We no longer need to seek out a bench jeweler; make an appointment; and then spend time trying to explain your idea while they try to make a sketch.  The bench jeweler then would sit and painstakingly carve a wax to create a mold for a casting.  Maybe your dream piece could be hand built.  Maybe not.  The jeweler probably would not have the stones of your choice in stock.  He or she would need to get the stones from a gem dealer on memo and then let you pick your stones.  More lost time and running back and forth.          

Not so today.  Today we have fine online jewelry companies that offer one stop shopping for anything you desire.  A brick and mortar store these days simply cannot compete.  They can’t afford the overhead and many are closing their doors permanently.  Online you are dealing directly with the manufacturer.  A marvelous piece of equipment that is very expensive is a 3D design computer that will then control the automatic carving of a wax for casting a setting.  This eliminates hours and hours of hand carving and enables your design to be less costly.  The manufacturer has thousands of stones in stock ready to go.  You can get the piece made in any precious metal you like.  Silver, platinum, yellow god, white gold, rose gold, maybe even green gold if you ask for it.  This is truly exciting.  I remember a good jeweler that would place orders for his Christmas inventory.  The cost was heartbreaking and choices were limited by his finances.  His concentration was constantly being interrupted by many things and this would cut down on his productivity.       

Buying online engagement rings

You can choose your setting.  You can choose your center stone.  You can buy a center stone diamond in many clarity and color grades.  This allows YOU to control the price.  You will not need to deal with a person trying to sell you on a stock item.  More good news:  PAYMENT OPTIONS!  Take up to 90 days to pay for your ring.  Everything is guaranteed and you get a GIA certification with your diamond.

Alternative engagement rings

Being a gem cutter who loves color, I am very fond of other center stones. Aquamarine, morganite (pink beryl), tanzanite, heliodor (yellow beryl). All surrounded by white diamonds to enhance the center stone.  These make a great alternative to an expensive diamond center stone.      

Go out to a local mall and take a look at what many young people are driving  today.  Big trucks!  They are comfortable.  Safe.  You can move things and haul things and go in the snow.  This is an example of the generational shift.  A truck. A widescreen TV.  A smart phone and a computer.  Priorities are different.  BUT; they fall in love and naturally want to commemorate the beginning of a huge life event.  What I’m saying here is think about your priorities and your finances; your likes and dislikes;  openly discuss the subject of engagement rings and celebrate your love for each other.  Go shopping online.  No pressure. Lots of choices and nothing to fear.

Blessings.  Robert



4 thoughts on “CUSTOM GOLD JEWELRY”

  1. Great advice for buying custom jewelry! This is what my wife and I did with her engagement ring but at a brick and mortar store.

    This was 7 years ago I think I was just nervous to buy online without actually seeing it. However, we picked out the stone and setting we wanted separately so that was fun to piece it together.

    What online stores do you recommend? I need to get my wife a birthday present soon.

    1. Jeremy, thanks so much for your comments. My goal is to promote the gem and jewelry business in the US. We have been hammered by the high price of gold for years. When I started out in 1992 the price of gold was $400 an ounce for pure. Now we are still staying around $1250 an ounce for pure. It’s killing the business and affecting thousands of people in our business. Creative hard working people being driven out of business by economic circumstances. I published a post yesterday sighting three new advertisers I picked up on CJ. I’m going to recommend two of them to you. Both of these companies are US companies that manufacture in the US. For good style and colorful stones at an affordable price I recommend Silver Rush Style. They are a family run business out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Their jewelry is in sterling silver and quite unique. I would wear some of their rings myself. $60 – $120

      Another business I am impressed with is Gemvara. They are in New York City. They employ bench jewelers and they cast their own settings. They have thousands of stones in stock at all different prices depending on what you choose. You can choose the metal you want. So for example; if you want to keep the price down; you choose silver. Choose a stone that’s not too expensive and you can have a unique gift that comes in under $300. You can go into the thousands if you want to. You control the price more or less. Please check them out. Best regards, Bob.

  2. You are certainly right about how the times have changed … in many many industries, but especially in the world of jewelry. I have seen some of the 3D design computers and printers and they are quite amazing… its incredible where technology has put us today. I love how easy it is to customize jewelry. Great read. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comments Jen. I worked for four years at a Kohl’s department store before retiring. Nobody else would hire a 62 year old man. I was surprised to see what was selling in the jewelry department. Feathers, seeds, wooden beads, plastic beads, and glass beads. It was truly a sign of the times. The young people today don’t realize just how bad things have gotten. I can’t blame them for bad taste. It’s economics. Young women will always want to adorn themselves and it is the natural thing to do. We do the best we can, but the Asian imports are hurting our own creative people. It takes 8 to 10 years to become a good bench jeweler. I applaud the good beading people and the good wire wrappers in the US. I don’t want to come off as a snob. I want to promote the gem and jewelry arts in the US. The AGTA somehow managed to lobby Congress to pass a bill that taxes rough gems coming into the US at 10%. But finished gems are not taxed. How nice for them and their Asian colleagues. OK. I’m off my soapbox now and I realize with some research I could do another post on this subject. Thanks love. Bob

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