Early this morning the sky here on coastal Ecuador was a beautiful blue that reminded me of Ceylon sapphire.  Ceylon was the name of Sri Lanka from 1948 until 1972 during the British occupation.  Ceylon sapphire was already known for it’s brilliant light blue color and the name has stuck all these years.  All the other colors are simply referred to as pink, purple, blue, yellow, etc.  If they were sourced from Sri Lanka then the seller will refer to Sri Lanka.  The photo to the right is a Burmese sapphire,  similar in color to a Ceylon blue.  I could not find a photo of a Ceylon blue that I am authorized to use.  Rare in sizes above 1 carat and rare with good clarity.  This particular stone was never even heat treated, which is a common and acceptable practice in the gem industry.


Today I will talk about investment quality gemstones.  These are gemstones that are becoming more and more difficult to get.  Remember that the use of gems goes back a couple thousand years.  People have been mining for stones all over the world and much of the good rough is mined out.  Even if a new deposit is discovered it won’t make a difference that would lower the value of what we have today.  Not in the world of the rare and beautiful.  This is why great gemstones are a good investment.  The Kashmir example:  In the 1920’s and 1930’s in the Kashmir region of India there were deposits of a gorgeous royal blue sapphire.  It became known as Kashmir sapphire. Long ago mined out; we can’t get them anymore unless it is in an estate piece at an auction house like Sothebey’s for example.  


I didn’t really have much of an idea for a new page so I went looking for some inspiration. Well, I certainly found it.  Lots of colored sapphire, ruby, and even some emeralds.  Emerald is the May birthstone and since I am talking about investment quality gems and it is May;  I included some emeralds.  I am putting some really great gemstones on my review page which is coming up next.  To be perfectly honest with you the quality and size of these stones makes them extremely difficult and almost impossible for a gem cutter like me to obtain.  These gems come from cutting houses that buy a mining company’s total production.  They spend millions of dollars doing this.  Somewhere in those kilos of gems there are MAYBE some outstanding gems.  


All kinds of investments are available to people that have the funds and the desire to choose an investment.  It can be classic cars, paintings, real estate.  You name it.  I have a love for color and sparkle.  I don’t know why, but I do.  I would invest in gemstones.  Maybe you have that same passion.  Coming up on the review page 21 of the best recommendations.  Robert