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Spessartite Garnet
Spessartite Garnet

Colored Stone Grading                                                                

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the grading of colored stones.  The different gemological laboratories all have a grading system similar to that of diamonds.  Color, clarity, cut, and weight are the main concerns.  It takes knowledge of the system and experience to be able to understand the complexity of their systems.  In short; it’s difficult!  It’s broken down into 3 “types” of gemstones first.  Then there are clarity gradings, grading for different shades, and color saturation.  50% to 70% of the value is based on the color.  A stone with great color and inclusions could be worth more than a stone of better clarity.  If the stone is eye-clean; which means you can’t see any inclusions with the naked eye; you will be happy with the stone.  I overheard a customer at a gem show talk about “Killer Color”.  He was correct.  The most important thing is color.  After that you want a good cut and polish.  A symmetrical stone. Nothing lopsided.  Buying on line today is safe and reliable.  Just make sure that the dealer certifies the authenticity of the stone and guarantees that it is natural.  Not man made.  Make sure the return policy is liberal so you have time to inspect the stone and truly decide that you are happy with it.  Look at it  often over a period of a few days and think about how or IF you want it set.  The selection on line today is truly wonderful.  Enjoy looking.  You can spend hours just looking without the pressure of a sales person.  It’s a virtual museum of beautiful gemstones!

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