What is Andalusite?

Andalusite is a semi-precious gemstone that was originally discovered in Andalusia, Spain.  Hence the name.  After the original discovery more deposits were found in the United States, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.  Brazil being the main source today.  When faceted it is quite beautiful and it can show three different colors.  This ability is referred to as pleochroism.  Colors are olive green to flesh tones and red.  Also yellow to green to red.  It has a hardness of 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.  This makes it suitable for jewelry with one exception.  It is slightly brittle and when in rings you need to be very careful.  I would not recommend it for daily wear.  A pendant or earrings, or a set with pendant and earrings is safe to wear without breakage.  Faceted pieces usually weigh between 1 to 2 carats.  Larger pieces do come along, but they are rather scarce these days.  Expect to pay several times more for 2.5 carats and up.  Andalusite is in my opinion very affordable and it would give you something different that you don’t see every day.  I have included some photos that might give you wardrobe ideas if you wish to have the stone set.

More to come:

This is the first post of what will become a series of posts informing you of various gemstones that you may not be familiar with.  All lovely stones that you can add to your collection.  I will also include well known gems and try to make you aware of some variations not common in the market place.  For example:  You may not be familiar with the word corundum.  Corundum is the gemstone family name that includes sapphire and ruby.  Till next time; stay well and happy!s-l225 andalusite-gem-206381b andalusite-gem-390747a

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