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s6302097 Hello, my name is Robert.  When I was a young boy I collected rocks and minerals.  What I fell in love with was crystals. The beautiful colors of azurite, sulfur, amethyst, citrine, etc.  In the early 1990’s I had a friend approach me and ask if I would be interested in learning how to facet gemstones.  He knew me well enough to sense that I had the patience for doing this tedious work.  After sweating through my first clear quartz 8mm round I was hooked.  It looked to me like a diamond!  Wow!  I did this?  My teacher also had a lot of patience, because teaching this craft to another person is not an easy thing to do.

My next step was to buy a used faceting machine and cutting laps.  From there on I needed to learn the techniques of cutting and polishing and how different gemstones require their specific ways for doing this.  It took me three years, along with good tutelage to perfect my craft.  The most obvious use for stones of course, is to place them in jewelry and adorn your body with them.  Over the years I have met several people who collect beautiful stones and simply put them in a box.  Like a coin collector they can bring them out at any time to enjoy the beauty of their stones.  They are not scratched.  They are not worn down.  They are in perfect condition.  Unlike stones that have been in rings for several years and became abraded by being shoved in and out of a handbag or someone’s pocket.

The purpose of this site is to promote the crafts of making jewelry and cutting gemstones and my personal passion for collecting.  During my 24 year involvement in this business I have seen great gemstone deposits come and go.  Looking back, there were wonderful stones available that I should have cut and put into a box.  Today the prices are much higher.  Tanzanite, tsavorite, heliodor from Tajikistan, deep pink kunzite, Paraiba tourmaline, and so on.  Let’s explore together and have fun.  Please correspond whenever you like.  My e-mail address is Robert@collectiblegemstones.com


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  1. Hi Bob; Rockie here from down the street in Salinas. Was able to skim thru your site today and was impressed. I now have a contact/friend who knows something about gemstones and since I have met you in person I look forward to expanding this relationship. I think you are doing great!!!

    Your Friend Rockie

    1. Thank you Rockie. Glad you could stop by. I hope you enjoy Cuenca. Remember; if you have any questions about gemstones don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be glad to help. Best regards, Bob.

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