Summer is here!

Well here we are on Memorial Day weekend.  The kickoff of summer with swimming pools and going to a beach.  It’s time for flipflops and other sandals.  Most likely a fresh pedicure.  Right ladies?  Have your toenails painted and then it’s time to adorn your feet.       

14 kt yellow gold with cubic zirconia


I did some searching the other day online and found an abundance of toe rings, anklets, and barefoot sandals.  Wow!  These items sure make your feet super attractive.  As a gemstone enthusiast I was naturally looking for items with stones in them.  I am also a proponent of all natural stones and not synthetics, but as I looked I realized that because you are wearing them on your feet there is a greater chance of damaging or loosing a stone.  It doesn’t make sense to put expensive stones into foot jewelry. Especially if you are walking on a beach.   If it you loose it in a swimming pool forget it.  It’s gone.              

14 kt white gold with cubic zirconia


Sterling silver and turquoise


14 kt gold and enamel teddy bear.

                                                                            Anklets and barefoot sandals

I really love to look at these items on a woman’s foot.  It adds a very nice summer touch and they can be color coordinated with your wardrobe.

Turquoise beads anklet.




I think this is a very ancient art form going back thousands of years.  Certainly trending right now.  Some of them are even designed to be worn with shoes.  These are elegant additions to any woman’s wardrobe.  Summer relaxed look with a sparkling addition. Maybe even a small tattoo of something important to you.  And by the way, not expensive.  

Fresh water pearls and glass beads.


The glass beads can be made large enough to resemble cut stones.  Sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, citrine, amethyst, etc.

Sapphire and diamond colored glass beads.
Emerald colored glass beads.


It’s all a matter of personal taste.  Ceramic and wood beads seem to lend a more youthful look.  So once again it’s up to you.  Have fun with it and enjoy your summer.  Robert

Turquoise and blue beads with an ankle wrap.

Dressy ankle bracelets:            

Gold plated curb chain link.
Rhodium plated alloy in silver.