DIAMOND AND MOISSANITE DETECTORS – searching for the truth

What is reliable information?

A very good friend of mine called the other day and asked me about purchasing a new diamond/ moissanite detector.  During his move from David, Panama to Salinas, Ecuador he forgot to remove the batteries from his dual detector and they leaked out and destroyed the electrical components inside the detector.  Kiss $350 good by.  This detector had served him well in Alaska when he owned and operated a pawn business.  My friend is checking out of la clima muy bonita (beautiful climate) and heading back to Europe in hopefully five months.  He was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic and left there when the Russians took over in 1968.  He misses the food and other cultural aspects of central Europe.  Curious; I had to ask:  Why do you want another dual detector?  I thought you were retired?  His answer was;  “I’m going to flea markets in Prague”.  I immediately understood.  This man is very savvy and he needs the detector for jewelry purchases at the flea markets.  We need to purchase this detector in the US and have it sent to a friend in the US who will then bring it to Ecuador.  In the US we have many choices and good service.  NOT like Ecuador.  Off I go searching the net and especially Amazon.com.  Now it gets a little confusing.  Twenty pages of detectors on Amazon starting at $599 and lots of detectors in the $20 to $30 range (not dual detectors).  You would need to buy a diamond detector and a moissanite detector seperately.  Much cheaper than a dual detector.  However, it’s been years since I used these detectors and I don’t know what to recommend.  


This is where I see pitfalls and possible frustration.  I am certainly not the final word on internet research, but I could not find any reliable sources such as Consumer Reports on this particular subject.  Lots and lots of listings on Amazon. com with no reviews and no stars.  Can we really rely on a detector if we are not a GIA graduate with a microscope?  AND you can’t carry it around at a flea market.  Well, I suppose you could; but really?  A reliable detector is important for on the spot decisions in a jewelry store, a pawn shop, and a flea market.  One mistake here is expensive.  I will now ask my readers for their opinions and comments.  If you are in this trade please tell me what your experience has been with different detectors.  Below is a list I compiled from my own research showing different rankings based on customer reviews.  Are these reviews from real users?  Are they friends of the vendor?  Why is there such a large difference between the highly rated detectors and the unrated detectors?  R.S see it here.V.P.

Top Six

Gowe dual detector    $599   No reviews and no stars     I wouldn’t chance it! 


Presidium duo tester  $349  2.5 stars.  No mention of moissanite detection, but they call it a duo.  I’m not inspired!


GemOro  Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite, and White Sapphire Tester  $299  3.5 stars.  We are getting there!


Presidium Original Multi Tester III  PMUTIII  $249  3.5 stars  Probably not a bad choice, but there is one more.


GemOro Ultra Tester II Diamond and Moissanite Detector with charging stand  $225  4 stars  There are some competitors with this one and there is another offer for the same detector at $213.  Including the charging stand.



The GemOro Ultratester II is my pick for ease of carry and use.  We still need to get it here and try it out.  Please leave your comments and opinions.  They are important.  Thank you.  Robert

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